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Thank you for your interest in the Guerin Catholic High School Parent Guild!

I am so thrilled to welcome ALL Guerin Catholic parents to the Guerin Catholic Parent Guild! The Parent Guild is Guerin Catholic’s “Parent/Teacher Organization” and is comprised of 13 committees that work diligently throughout the year to support the entire Guerin Catholic Community, including its students, parents, teachers and staff.

Our goal is 100% membership and involvement! One of the unique attributes of Guerin Catholic is its close-knit family and community “vibe.” Membership in the Parent Guild is one of the key cornerstones of our unique community that set us apart from other schools!

The Parent Guild’s largest fundraiser, the ever-popular adults-only TRIVIA NIGHT, as well as membership dues, straight donations, school-wide participation in business community partnerships (Kroger, Amazon Smile, etc.), Birthday Club and Golden Eagles Snack Stand are all key to providing ongoing support for our community that fall outside the school budget.

Through fundraising resources, last year the Parent Guild’s Parent to Parent Network brought in rapper and youth minister, Joe Melendrez. In addition, the Parent Guild granted over $16,000 in Teacher Wish List items, enhancing both our classrooms and the ambiance of our school campus!

Parents: to learn more about becoming part of the Parent Guild, please log-on to the GC Gateway for membership, event, and committee information. Be sure to follow Guerin Catholic on Facebook and Twitter.

I would love to hear from you!

In Christ,
Jean Freudenthal
2019-20 GC Parent Guild President