Class of 2027

The December 15 application deadline has passed. Our application pool far exceeds the available space in the Class of 2027. Therefore we are no longer accepting applications. For questions, please contact Jackie Bach, Director of Enrollment Management, at 317.582.0120 ext 279.

Priority Placement for Incoming Students (Class of 2027)

Based on guidance from the diocese, students will be assigned a Priority Placement group number once we have received all required application documents prior to the December 15th deadline. Therefore, the Priority Placement Policy will be implemented on a rolling basis (by date) once application portfolios are complete. Application portfolios are considered complete when all supporting materials are submitted. Applications will continue to be accepted after December 15th on a first-come, first-serve basis until the class is full. Once the class is full, students may be placed on a waiting list.

Group 1 Student who is a Guerin Catholic sibling, legacy, or the child of a Diocese of Lafayette employee.
Group 2 Student who is currently enrolled at a Catholic school within the Diocese of Lafayette.
Group 3 Student who is a member of a parish within the Diocese of Lafayette.
Group 4 Student who is Catholic and lives within the Diocese of Lafayette.
Group 5 Student who is non-Catholic and lives within the Diocese of Lafayette
Group 6 Student who is Catholic and lives outside of the Diocese of Lafayette.

Acceptance letters for the incoming freshmen class applying by the annual December 15th deadline will be mailed in late January/early February.

Once accepted, a non-refundable deposit is required to enroll, thereby securing their student’s spot in their class.