Fine Arts

Director of Fine Arts
Director of Fine Arts
Mrs. Marcia Murphy

We have many opportunities to be involved at Guerin Catholic. From singing in choir to creating stained glass windows to performing on stage, there is an opportunity for you! All we ask is for an open spirit from our students, and we will help guide you to the right opportunities. Our hope is that in your four years at Guerin Catholic, the Fine Arts Department will help you to discover a new artistic gift within yourself!


The Guerin Catholic Fine Arts Department has a three-part mission:

1. To Create
We acknowledge that God, our Creator, has allowed us, his creation, to take part in His divine work of creation. Guided by this knowledge, we mentor and lead our students to discover their own ability to create.

2. To Create Beauty
The world is in desperate need of artists who act as vessels to bring God’s beauty into our world. Beauty pierces the heart and opens us to God’s goodness. That openness to goodness invites a knowledge of truth, which orients to God, changes individual lives, and changes the world.

3. To Create Lifelong Artists
We aim to inspire young artists to continue creating throughout their whole lives.