For the Core 40 with Academic Honors Diploma, students must:

  • Complete all of the course requirements for the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma
  • All students are required to take four years of a Math or Quantitative Reasoning Course
  • Pass the End-of Course Assessments (ECA) in Algebra I and English 10 (classes of 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Pass the ISTEP+ Grade 10 Assessments (class of 2019 and beyond)
  • Earn a grade of a “C” or better in courses that will count toward the diploma.
  • Have a grade point average of a “B” (3.0 unweighted) or better
  • Complete a total of 120 service hours
  • Be in good behavioral standing and current with financial obligations

In addition, students must complete one of the following:

  • Earn 4 credits in IB courses and take corresponding exams
  • Score a 1250 on the SAT with a composite score of 1250 or higher and a minimum score of 560 on the math section and a 590 on the evidence based reading and writing section
  • Score a 26 or higher composite on the ACT and complete written section
  • Earn 6 verifiable transcripted college credits in dual credit courses from the priority course list
  • Earn a minimum of 3 verifiable transcripted college credits from the priority course list and 2 credits in IB standard level courses with corresponding exam.
Area ACADEMIC HONORS diploma requirements
Language Arts
8 Credits
Includes Literature, Composition & Speech
Mathematics 8 Credits
2 Credits: Algebra I (may be earned in 8th grade)
2 Credits: Geometry
2 Credits: Algebra II
2 Credits: Pre-Calculus or Probability and Finite Math
Science 6 Credits
2 Credits: Biology I
2 Credits: Chemistry I
2 Credits: Physics I
Social Studies 6 Credits
1 Credit: US Governemnt
1 Credit: Economics
2 Credits: US History
2 Credits: Modern World Civilization
Theology 8 Credits
Directed Electives See Below
Technology: Digital Citizenship
World Languages: 6-8 Credits required
Fine Arts: 2 Credits
Physical Education 2 Credits
Health & Wellness 1 Credit
Electives 7-9 Credits
Total 56 Credits