IB Diploma Requirements at Guerin Catholic

Area IB diploma requirements
Language Arts
8 Credits
Credits include Literature, Composition & Speech
4 Credits: Language SL or HL (IB)
Mathematics 10-11 Credits
2 Credits: Algebra I (may be earned in 8th grade)
2 Credits: Geometry
2 Credits: Algebra II
4-5 Credits: Mathematics SL (IB) or
Trig (H) and Mathematics HL (IB)
Science 9-10 Credits
2 Credits: Biology I
2 Credits: Chemistry I
2 Credits: Physics I
3-4 Credits: Biology or Chemistry SL or HL (IB)
Social Studies 6 Credits
1 Credit: US Government
1 Credit: Economics
4 Credits: History SL or HL (IB)
Theology 9 Credits
2 Credits: Theory of Knowledge (IB)
(One TOK counts for Theology 6 Credit)
Directed Electives See Below
Technology: Digital Applications & Responsibility
World Languages: 8 Credits including Spanish (IB), Latin (IB), French (IB)
2-4 Credits: Business & Management SL, Computer Science SL, Psychology SL, Music SL or HL, Visual Arts SL or HL, Theatre SL or HL, Film SL or HL
Kinesiology (PE & Health) 3 Credits
Electives 1-3 Credits (during 9th & 10th Grade)
Total 56 Credits