Core 40 Diploma

CORE 40 directs students toward achievement of life goals beyond high school. By defining requirements for success in future education and work, the Indiana CORE 40 curriculum is a set of courses that will prepare students for a strong future. Earning a CORE 40 diploma may qualify students for additional financial aid for college. Students at Guerin Catholic High School must earn 48 credits to earn a CORE 40 diploma.

For the Core 40 Diploma, students must:

    • Complete all of the course requirements for the Indiana Core 40 diploma
    • All students are required to take four years of a Math or Quantitative Reasoning Course
    • Complete a total of 120 service hours
    • Be in good behavioral standing and current with financial obligations
Area Core 40 diploma requirements
Language Arts
8 Credits
Includes Literature, Composition & Speech
Mathematics 6 Credits
2 Credits: Algebra I
2 Credits: Geometry
2 Credits: Algebra II
Science 6 Credits
2 Credits: Biology I
2 Credits: Chemistry I
2 Credits: Physics I
With approval, Integrated Chemistry/Physics may be substituted for Chemistry or Physics
Social Studies 6 Credits
1 Credit: US Governemnt
1 Credit: Economics
2 Credits: US History
2 Credits: Modern World Civilization
Theology 8 Credits
Directed Electives 5 Credits
Technology: Digital Applications & Responsibility
World Languages: 4 Credits encouraged
Fine Arts or Electives: 1 Credit
Kinesiology (PE & Health) 3 Credits
Electives 6 Credits
Total 48 Credits