Thank you for a fantastic summer! Check back in March 2022 for our Summer 2022 Camp Purple Opportunities!



A: Camp Purple looks to the grade each camper will be in based on the 2021-2022 school year.

A: Each day, all campers will be checking in with our camp representatives inside the school’s main entrance at our check-in welcome table. Each camper will be screened for elevated temperature via an electronic non-contact thermometer. After checking in, the camp instructors or counselors will escort the campers to the enrichment camp classrooms or the athletic locations. It is suggested that parents accompany the campers to the check-in table, especially on the first day of camp. Each camp instructor/coach will also send an email to the campers parents the weekend before the start of camp to introduce themselves, review expectations and remind parent of check-in procedures.

A: Unless otherwise stated, campers will be escorted by camp instructors or counselors to the front of the school’s main entrance for parent pick up. The instructors, coaches or counselors will remain at the front of school until their campers have all been picked up by a parent. Weather permitting, campers can be outside by the front doors for a carpool-style pick up.

A: You can contact Camp Purple Coordinator, Michelle Hanlin, via email at or at 317-582-0120 ext 289. Email and phones are checked daily.

A: Parents are to contact the coach/instructor for questions regarding the specific camp once the camp has started. The coach/instructor provide their contact information to the parents the week prior to the start of camp. If there are general camp questions, parents can contact the Camp Purple Site Coordinator at

A: Each camp instructor will contact the campers parent/guardian with instruction on that days schedule, especially if the camp is scheduled to be held outdoors. If an outdoor camp can be moved indoors, we will make every attempt to do so, given indoor availability. We do our best to notify parents 2 hours prior to the start of a camp if inclement weather is predicted.

A: No specific dress code is mandatory. Please ensure your camper is comfortable and dressed appropriately for the camp in which they are registered to participate. Each camper will receive a Camp Purple T-shirt on the first day of camp, which they will wear on picture day. The coaches/staff will determine which day will be the picture day and communicate that with you.