Learning Support Resource Program

Meet Our Learning Support Teachers

  • Dawn Street
    Dir. of Learning Support
    Ext. 335
  • Peggy Gillig
    Learning Support Teacher
    Ext. 220
  • Mary McGreal
    Learning Support Teacher
    Ext. 240
  • Jeff Dunasky
    Learning Support Instructional Assistant
    Ext. 308
  • Ana Smock
    Learning Support Instructional Assistant
    Ext. 241

In the words of Saint Theodore Guerin, “Love the Children First, then Teach Them”, rest assured, we at Guerin Catholic are committed to your child every step of the way!

Guerin Catholic created the Learning Support Program to provide academic support to our students with diagnosed learning challenges. The goal of the program is to provide resources and extensive individual support for continued development of a student’s skills, to ensure they become independent learners, and grow toward self-advocacy all while achieving their own educational goals. Students, parents, and the Director of Learning Support will meet one-on-one to develop an individual academic plan for each child to ensure growth and success in Guerin Catholic’s college preparatory curriculum.

Learning support students are taught study skills and strategies for many of the courses they take at Guerin Catholic, and Learning Support teachers provide professional development and support to all Guerin Catholic teachers and departments. Organizational skills are an integral part of the Learning Support program as well as the continual development of written expression skills and reading comprehension skills.

What type of student diagnosis does the Learning Support program serve?

Learning Support Resource Program:Diagnosis such as but not limited to: Specific Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other health impairments.

Wings Academy:Serving students with diagnosed cognitive disabilities.

How do I learn more about the Learning Support Resource Program?

Simply email Dawn Street, Director of Learning Support, at dstreet@guerincatholic.org.

Do students in the Learning Support Resource Program continue on to colleges and universities?

Yes! This year 100% of our students will continue on to college.