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Students begin thinking about their goals for graduation and beyond from the moment they are enrolled at Guerin Catholic. If students believe they might want to take IB classes, then they will begin preparing for those classes with Honors level classes during 9th and 10th grade. This decision is made in conjunction with the student’s parents, teachers and School Counselor. Because IB classes are only offered junior and senior year, students do not actually commit to taking IB classes until the end of their sophomore year when they register for junior classes.

Of course! We have many students who take from one to five IB classes without committing to the full IB Diploma track. Students are welcome to take IB classes in their area of interest or to gain credit for the Academic Honors Diploma. The most important thing is that students choose classes that will challenge them and use their God-given ability.

IB courses are similar to AP courses in that both are programs of study are designed to challenge students through a college preparatory curriculum. Both programs require students to take end-of-course assessments in May with the possibility of earning college credit. Whereas AP promotes individual classes that are independent from each other, IB courses are more holistic, using common threads to link subject areas and tie everything together with the Theory of Knowledge class—a philosophy course taught from a Catholic
worldview perspective. International Baccalaureate fosters a lifelong interest in learning as well as informed and responsible citizenship.

Yes, Guerin Catholic students have earned numerous credits at colleges and universities in Indiana and across the country. Just as with AP college credit, students must earn a minimum score on their final test to qualify for college credit and each university has additional requirements. Check with the institution of your choice to view their specific requirements.

The aim of the International Baccalaureate program is to develop internationally minded students who seek to create a better and more peaceful world. IB calls students to be inquirers, communicators, risk takers, balanced and reflective—among other traits. It is aninspiring program of study and rigorous enough to challenge our most gifted students. As Guerin Catholic prepares students to take on future jobs that may not be developed yet using technology that most likely has not been invented yet, we want them comfortable with the process of learning– thinking critically in order to become problem solvers, writing clearly so as to get their ideas across to others and able to share their proposals verbally with colleagues around the world. It is these skills that will allow our students to become local, national and global community leaders.