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Requirements and Helpful Information for Service Hours

What are the requirements? Students will complete a minimum of 120 service hours upon graduation. 30 hours will be required every year. Of these 30 service hours, at least 18 must be completed at a church or parish, or at an event sponsored by a church or parish. The other 12 can be served at Guerin Catholic or anywhere else within the community.

Parish Service Hours

Any service completed at a church/parish or for a church/parish.  This includes helping out with any programs where we are serving our partner schools/parishes.  This includes, but is not limited to: Camp Purple, 7th Grade Leadership Day, Guerin Catholic Garden, and serving at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen.

You are required to complete at least 18 hours of parish service every school year. Any parish hours you log over 18 hours will go to the sum total. You may complete all 30 required hours in a parish/church setting.

Community Service Hours

Any work done at Guerin Catholic or in the community at large without pay.  Community events include, but are not limited to: babysitting, yard work, set up/tear down for an event, or organizational tasks for anyone outside your immediate family. Retreats and events at Guerin Catholic such as leading class retreats and working at Guerin Scarin’ also count as community events!

Community service hours do not include managing a sport or simply being at an event.

12 of the required 30 hours per school year can be served within the community or at Guerin Catholic. Any beyond that will be counted as extra time served, and in many cases can be counted toward the “100 Hours Award”.

Service hours are due on May 11, 2020.

Please make sure to get your past hours submitted as quickly as possible!

If you have a Service Hours Opportunity to share with our students, please fill out this form!