Requirements and Helpful Information for Service Hours

What are the requirements ? 

Students will complete a minimum of 120 service hours over 4 years as 30 hours will be required every year. These 30 hours can be served at a parish, in the community, and/or at Guerin Catholic.  

Parish Service Hours

Any service completed at or for a church/parish including but not limited to: parish fundraisers, events, liturgical ministry, coaching or volunteering at CYO sporting events, h.  This includes helping out with any programs where we are serving our partner schools/parishes.

Community Service Hours

Any work done in the community at large without pay.  Community events include, but are not limited to: babysitting, yard work, set up/tear down for an event, or organizational tasks for anyone outside your immediate family.

Guerin Catholic Service Hours

Any work done at a Guerin Catholic-sponsored event without receipt of pay. Some opportunities for service hours at Guerin Catholic include volunteering for our admissions events; helping at our fundraisers (such as the Providence Fund Dinner and GC Gala) or teaching and coaching through our Camp Purple. Leading a class retreat and volunteering at our annual Guerin Scarin’ can also count toward your service hour requirement

Service hours are due on Monday, May 9, 2022.

If you have a service hours opportunity to share with our students, please contact Campus Ministry at