“You will be happy yourself in making others happy.” – St. Theodore Guerin


What are the requirements ?

Students will complete a minimum of 120 service hours over 4 years as 30 hours will be required every year. These 30 hours can be served at a parish, in the community, and/or at Guerin Catholic.

Parish Service Hours

Any service completed at or for a church/parish including but not limited to: parish fundraisers, events, liturgical ministry, coaching or volunteering at CYO sporting events,   This includes helping out with any programs where we are serving our partner schools/parishes.

Community Service Hours

Any work done in the community at large without pay. This does not include work for immediate family–such as washing dishes or babysitting siblings. Outside of immediate family, Community events do include, but are not limited to: babysitting, yard work, set up/tear down for an event, or organizational tasks for anyone outside your immediate family.

Guerin Catholic Service Hours

Any work done at a Guerin Catholic-sponsored event without receipt of pay. Some opportunities for service hours at Guerin Catholic include volunteering for our admissions events; helping at our fundraisers (such as the Providence Fund Dinner and GC Gala) or teaching and coaching through our Camp Purple. Leading a class retreat and volunteering at other events can also count toward your service hour requirement

Service hours for the 2023-2024 school year are due on Friday, May 3, 2024.

If you have a service hours opportunity to share with our students, please contact Anna Ponchak at aponchak@guerincatholic.org