St. Mother Theodore Guerin Statue

At the Guerin Catholic Gala in 2022, the school was able to raise $50,000 via our annual “Fund-a-Need” solicitation. The money was earmarked for a beautiful bronze statue of our patroness, St. Mother Theodore Guerin to adorn the Dr. John Bates courtyard. The statue, by artist Theresa Clark, is one of only four such statutes in the entire world.

After material shortages and shipping delays, our statue finally arrived and was installed on March 9, 2023.

On March 22, 2023, a dedication and blessing ceremony was held in the courtyard. Bishop Doherty was present to offer the blessing. Also present were Bishop Emeritus Higi, Theresa Clark, Ann Bates, a number of benefactors, and of course, our entire student body and school staff.

Despite misty rain falling and a chill in the air, it was a beautiful ceremony: singing by our GoldenVoice choir, a poignant reflection on Mother Guerin by our own Marcia Murphy, and the blessing and dedication by Bishop Doherty.

We are truly blessed!

St. Theodore Guerin, pray for us!


“St. Theodore Guerin – Our Patroness” A Reflection by Marcia Murphy

“In the morning, say in your heart: O my God, here is another day given to me to love and serve you. Be glad of it.”

As we gather here to dedicate and bless this statue of St. Mother Theodore Guerin, it is only appropriate that we take a moment to remind ourselves of the greatness of this woman, the first saint of Indiana. Her dedication, selflessness, and trust in Providence aided her in leaving her home in France, entering the woods of Indiana, and finally establishing Catholic schools throughout State.

Bishop Higi, himself a great visionary leader, did much of the same when he demonstrated the courage to support the plans that brought this school into existence. Although it had been shown that there was a great need for a Catholic High School in this area, the economic environment made it a risky endeavor. Bishop Higi we’d like to thank you today for trusting in Providence as well. In 1998 Bishop Higi was present at the beatification of Theodore Guerin. When the time came to name this school, it seemed like a fitting gesture to use this opportunity to proclaim the goodness of this great woman. As our patroness, she reminds us to lead with humility, serve with love, and trust in Providence. This is not a reminder of what we should expect for ourselves, but how we should treat others.

This statue, one of only four in the world (St. Mary of the Woods (Terre Haute, IN) , The National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. , and (the Sisters of Providence) Mother house in Ruille Sur Loire, France is made of bronze and sculpted by Teresa Clark who is also here with us today. It should remind us of Mother Guerin’s love for us. The words on a marker where she was once buried say, “I sleep, but I watch over this house which I have built.” As we walk by her each day in this courtyard, let our hearts be filled with gratitude for a patroness that longs to intercede for us. As you look at the statue, you can see that she was small, but mighty. Her smile reveals the beauty of her soul. Her left foot is stepping forward moving to do God’s work on earth. Her left arm is pulled to her chest holding her cross. Everything she did was for His glory! And her right hand is outstretched with her hand open reaching out to us. Inviting all of us to strive to become saints by doindG what we do everyday in His love. This statue should be a constant reminder of her prayers for us and invite us to come to know that although she is no longer on this earth, her soul is very much alive. If you are bullied, turn to her. She knows what you are going through. If you are discriminated against, turn to her. She knows what you are going through. If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, turn to her. She knows what you are going through. If you’re struggling with issues in your family, turn to her. She knows what you are going through. If you are grateful for all that God has done for you, turn to her. She wants to share that joy with you. Allow this beautiful holy object in our presence to draw us closer to St. Theodore Guerin and in turn deepen our love for Christ.

I’ll leave you with these words from her, “I am going to offer my prayers for you, so that the Holy Spirit will inspire and guide you.”