Due to the unprecedented circumstances facing us at the moment, for the 2020-2021 school year service hours are being changed and expanded. One of the changes is the inclusion of Spiritual Growth and Family service hours. Spiritual Growth hours give you the opportunity to grow in love and charity without the resources available to you during a typical school week.   Family service hours give you the opportunity to serve your family. 
Below are options you may pursue to gain Spiritual Growth and Family service hours. You may also suggest other Spiritual Growth ideas to Campus Ministry for approval. Log each one in the same way that you would any other hours: put in the time it took you to complete the activity, list what you did as the location, and then write a short reflection in the “Tell Your Story” section.

Spiritual Growth Service Hours

Quick Reflections

These reflections are quick, and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine:  

Prayerful Practice

Take some time out of your day to grow closer to God with these reflections and prayers:

Longer Reflections and Practices

Want to really dive into the faith and learn something new? Try these out:

Really Go Deep 

Just can’t get enough with everything else? These are the suggestions for you:


Family Service Hours

Your family needs you during this difficult time! These hours give you the opportunity to show love and give charitably with the realities of quarantines and social distancing. “Service starts in the home”, as they say, so use these suggestions to gain service hours with your own family.  Here are some ideas of how you might serve your family. 

  • Help your siblings with their e-learning assignments
  • Cook and serve meals to your family
  • Clean up and do the dishes after dinner
  • General cleaning and disinfecting in your home
  • Do any sort of yard work without pay.
  • Any home project for your parents.
  • Babysit younger siblings.
  • Writing letters to family members that live far away.
  • Calling any sick or infirm relatives that are unable to have visitors due to their condition.
  • Cook a meal and bring to your neighbors.