Please observe any local, state, and national guidelines for any travel restrictions. Do not serve anywhere or in any capacity where you would be or could become a hazard to the health of others.

Community Opportunities

While most community service opportunities have been suspended, there are plenty of way to continuing serving others digitally or at home!

Make Masks for Others

Make masks for your family and others! An obvious need during this time, the website linked there gives everything you’ll need but the fabric (though they sell it too) to make masks for your family, friends, and hospitals. Not only that, but maybe it could be the beginning of a great new hobby!?

Become a Tutor for the Literacy Initiative

The Literacy Initiative is looking for high school students to help tutor younger students electronically, who need more individual attention but are struggling to find it online. You can check out their website here and sign up to tutor at this link.

Videos of Hope for Senior Citizens

Record a short video and submit it to help brighten the day of seniors across the country.

Aid the Blind and Sight Impaired

Many people with little to no eyesight are struggling completing tasks as they work from home. Sign up with this app to be paired with someone and help them complete their digital work.

Help Out the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian needs help transcribing documents and curating their wikipedia pages! If you’re interested in doing this scholarly work, head to the above link to apply.

Recurring Community Opportunities:

Most of the following service opportunities have been discontinued temporarily, but are left here in order to inspire and help plan for future service.

Expression of Love at Little Sisters of the Poor

From 5pm to 8pm, any day of the week/weekend, we have the opportunity for students to volunteer as a server in our Dining Rooms.  Students that may need community service hours or students whose heart strings are pulled into service, will want to know about this opportunity.

Students should be 16 years of age or older.  They will want to make a soft commitment to the three hour window or a portion of that three hours with a cadence of their choice.  One day a week, several days a week; this will be up to the student to discern.  We are hoping for some consistency.  If a student can volunteer for a week, great!  A month, fantastic!  Longer than that, a blessing!

Each month, the dinners will be themed for the season. For example January has a New Year theme, February a Valentines theme.  The exciting part of this volunteer opportunity is that each month the expression of the students is warmly welcomed in these themes.  We encourage the volunteer students to add a modest expression of the monthly theme to your dress.  Perhaps a New Years tiara in January, or hearts during February, and so on.  There will be a few months throughout the year that the students will be asked to develop one theme for that month!  This opportunity is great fun and a direct expression of love toward our Residents.  This is a wonderful partnership in the charism of hospitality, walking shoulder to shoulder with the Little Sisters of the Poor! 

If this is an opportunity you  do not want to miss, please contact Nancy Engelken at 317-415-5767 (ask for Nancy) or via email There is no start/end date.  Jump in at any time!

Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

We are always looking for individuals and groups to volunteer with us.  We hope  we are able to make connections with students in our local community. The process to volunteer is simple- interested volunteers will  visit our volunteer page at: From here, a volunteer will create a volunteer profile where they specify their interest in our programs. If a volunteer is under the age of 18, we require 2 references (individuals over the age of 18 are required to have background checks before approval). After a volunteer has been approved, a welcome email is sent and the volunteer can then sign up for opportunities to volunteer.

For more information please contact Joanna Woodruff

Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Center

Morning Dove relies on more than 100 volunteer hours a week. Our outstanding and generous volunteers are an integral part of our organization. Each Morning Dove volunteer participates in an initial orientation and training as well as ongoing training. We value the skills and experience our volunteers bring to Morning Dove and offer opportunities to continue expanding that knowledge base. Contact to volunteer with us.

Here are different ways you can volunteer:

  • Leading a horse during a lesson
  • Barn work/ horse care
  • Groups- special projects
  • Summer camps
  • Side walking during a lesson
  • Side walking during a hippo-therapy session
  • Events
  • Board Committees

We look forward to hearing from you, and continuing to grow our team that makes miracles happen! Here is a link to our website for more information!

St. Vincent House

We have an array of volunteer opportunities that students might be interested in.  Students can serve a meal, complete a service project, make welcome bags, or complete a food drive.  Contact Marco at 317-287-0582, Monday – Friday, from 9am – 1 pm.  Here is the website for more information.

Miracle Place

After-school tutoring for students in need! Please consider volunteering as a tutor or in the Garden. Visit this link for contact information & more information about the service!

Brooke’s Place Volunteers

Brooke’s Place is a local organization that assists families experiencing grief. They run off the gracious help of volunteers throughout the year and there are a couple of different ways to get involved! To find out the different volunteers needed, contact Jill Pierce at
You can also learn more about Brooke’s Place and to fill out a volunteer application online at Brooke’s Place.

Downtown Knights of Columbus Maintenance Project

Volunteers needed at Knights of Columbus Mater Dei Council #437 for ground maintenance and beautification…weeding, laying mulch, fertilizing, and so on. Help us keep our grounds looking good! Dates & times of service is negotiable. Please contact Robert Newport at 317-476-5793 to sign up!

Premier Hospice

Hospice Volunteer & Interns needed to provide administrative & office duties, etc.
Located at 115500 N, Meridian Ave Carmel, IN 46032.
Please contact Latrice Watson,, 317-883-96059 cell, 317-844-8700 office to sign up. 

Monon Center

You are invited on Friday nights to serve those with special needs through fun quality time and games. Contact Michelle Yadon at

Babysitting at The O’Connor House!

Please contact Joan Eicher at for training more information. Babysitting opportunities occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings.