Guerin Catholic High School is in the midst of an exciting campaign to build a new Fine Arts and Wellness Center for our students and community called Unite+Build+Soar

This 65,000 square foot addition, which was part of our original master plan, will provide our school and community with the following new spaces:

  • Fine Arts Auditorium with 500-seats
  • Athletic Fieldhouse with three gymnasiums
  • Academic and gathering spaces throughout

In 2004, the founding leaders of Guerin Catholic High School envisioned an institution serving the students of our community through a quality Catholic education, student life opportunities and service-learning experiences.

We’ve grown in that time by trusting in Providence and our commitment to faith, always seeking more and serving others. And, we are not done. Today, there are challenges to be met for our own Guerin Catholic community as we come together to seek to elevate our founding vision to move Guerin Catholic High School forward.

The time is now for us to build upon the foundation laid in place over a decade ago. For us to unite to build a future for Golden Eagles that knows no limits and inspires students to thrive, discover their gifts and to grow in their faith — to soar.

Join us as we continue this journey to bring the Guerin Catholic Fine Arts and Wellness Center to life. This Center will provide the room for students to grow, extracurricular activities to thrive and for Guerin Catholic to be a community and Diocese resource for all.

For more information on how you can make a difference for future Golden Eagles, contact Lori Norris, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, 317.582.0120 ext. 216 or or make your gift below.