What an amazing day at Guerin Catholic!! Such a blessing to celebrate our Seniors during their last All-School Mass! GC Class of 2022–we love you!!!
We are pleased to announce the GC Class of 2022!
181 students were offered $33+ million in college scholarships! 40 are headed to Purdue, 30 to Indiana, & 24 will be continuing on in Catholic schools, including 9 at Dayton and 5 at Notre Dame.
@Guerin2022 https://t.co/ajwgPXO4Lf
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This morning, the award-winning GC Fine Arts Department honored Seniors who have chosen to continue studying the arts next year in college. We are so proud of all of you! https://t.co/6VsHLsYgWs
Shoutout to Mrs. Wagner who presented caricatures to each of her Seniors this morning!
"Love the children first, then teach them." https://t.co/dd9pGfmQgH
What a fabulous performance last night by all of our musicians & choirs!! Thanks for sharing your God-given gifts!! https://t.co/r2edbfd62D
It’s great to see so many alums supporting our athletes this week! #GoldenEagles4Life https://t.co/HwQ3Er1Nre
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RT @CaptnIB_Etym: We celebrated the last reading check quiz over the year with our Lockdown Browser dance. #ILoveMyJob https://t.co/9nET0CTToD
Oh those crazy Seniors strike again!!! This time hundreds of balloons fill the academic hallway!! Mr. McNeany seemed to enjoy the festive view during morning announcements! 😉 #classof2022 @Guerin2022 https://t.co/UJ7toRCMkO
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Mr. Lustig has never been one to pass up a free ride! #Seniors Everything but the backpack day! @Guerin2022 https://t.co/dZp9xA1Y8L
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Class of 2022 being introduced to GC as freshmen!! Wow, what tremendous growth we've seen in these Golden Eagles! https://t.co/JVRs4NuSmH
Teacher Appreciation week continues at Guerin Catholic! Thanks to our Parent Guild for preparing a fiesta lunch in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! We love our teachers!! https://t.co/f6Tj6TeV5h
Beautiful Mass & May Crowning
The soph. girls were given the privilege to lay a flower at the foot of Mary, & voted for one of their peers who most mirrors the virtues of Mary to place the crown Crowning Mary was Ruth Abdalla
What a beautiful morning honoring our Blessed Mother! https://t.co/aNJBpMTtc5
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We are so grateful for the incredible leadership provided by our Principal, James McNeany, and our Assistant Principals, Christine Williams & Eric Schmidt.Thank you for beautifully modeling "Leading with Humility & Serving with Love" every day at GC!
#PrincipalAppreciation https://t.co/qDdMGUmLQq
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There's still time to help GC! Please consider donating to the GC Day of Giving!
We are halfway there Guerin Catholic!
Please consider a gift to GC's Day of Giving---we are so grateful for all of you!

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Thank you to all who have given to the GC Day of Giving!! Please consider contributing to our mission by making a gift today! https://t.co/5tq9tkKZfT https://t.co/JNuZIWTXjw
Guerin Catholic Day of Giving is going strong!! Let's keep the momentum going and reach our goal of 200 donors!! Almost halfway there!
Did you notice something brewing today on the circle drive? Our Day of Giving is off to a great start as our GC Baristas served parents at drop-off.
Please consider giving today!
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The GC Blankets are going fast! Be one of the first 75 people to donate $75 to the GC Day of Giving and receive one!
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GC Day of Giving is off to a great start! Please consider a gift today to help us support the Providence Fund which enables us to attract and retain the best faculty!
https://t.co/5tq9tl2AEt https://t.co/loyfOFlDuJ
Today is the day!!
The GC Day of Giving is here! Please support the mission of Guerin Catholic! May God Continue to Bless you! https://t.co/5tq9tl2AEt https://t.co/45vTKJgenr
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We have a goal of 200 donors on this GC Day of Giving! Please consider helping us meet our mission!
https://t.co/5tq9tl2AEt https://t.co/a5YdSSJMhX
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Good Morning from Guerin Catholic!!
Today is the Annual GC Day of Giving!!
Please keep the mission of Guerin Catholic in your prayers today and consider donating:
https://t.co/5tq9tkKZfT https://t.co/0o7N5xdJcK
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Fire up Golden Eagles! The Day of Giving is mere hours away!! For those who like to plan ahead we've opened the giving page---thank you for your continued prayers and support of our mission! Our goal this year is to obtain 200 donors!!
https://t.co/5tq9tl2AEt https://t.co/pFAhwiIaYS
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RT @GuerinBoysGolf: Guerin Golf tee’d up the treats FORE the teachers today! 🏌️
Thank you teachers! You’re TEE-rific! https://t.co/lCOd3oMsVg
2 Days to Go!!
GC Day of Giving
April 28, 2022
Blessed Grateful Thankful https://t.co/jTq7yXN7om
Huge shoutout to Jack Demmings, Jack Clarke and Bailey Cappella for representing Guerin Catholic at the International DECA Business Competition in Atlanta this week! https://t.co/WwXWkx3za6
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Wow! What a day! Thank you Grandparents!! Can’t wait to see you again on the feast of Mother Theodore Guerin on October 3! ❤️ https://t.co/X1zwFZVNtu
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@GCPrincipal with the clutch assist for a "Promposal" this afternoon at Guerin Catholic. https://t.co/PlPpwS2Ory
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GC Day of Giving
April 28, 2022
Blessed Thankful Grateful

"I'm grateful to teach at Guerin Catholic because I have the opportunity to integrate my professional vocation, my spiritual life, and my vocation as a father."
--Hugh Ross, Science Department https://t.co/sCyTjoKeU9
RT @GCPrincipal: Blessed to attend the luncheon to recognize the @INPrincipals Academic All Stars today where @GuerinCatholic senior Carson Kniola was recognized among the best and brightest in the state. Congrats Carson! https://t.co/yju6y64njP
Was great to have @mrworcester1 back in the Nest! We're all cheering for your Maddie! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us at GC! We're so proud of you! https://t.co/uPXTDZZwRF https://t.co/GSG9mY3q0K
GC Day of Giving
April 28
Blessed Thankful Grateful
Join us at our Blood Drive April 28-the Blood mobile will be set up in the front of GC from 2-7 p..m-this is also our GC Day of Giving---please consider giving blood!! It saves lives!! Sign up here:
https://t.co/aBnXjzDjgG https://t.co/ZyblxZKg1m
@mrworcester1 Can't wait to have you back in The Nest @mrworcester1
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Gorgeous Easter Monday at Guerin Catholic!
He is Risen!! Alleluia!! https://t.co/JUlfEF6cir
Join GC President @DeaconRWagner as he leads a mini-retreat for the GC Community!
"God Needs Storytellers"
Saturday, April 23, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(Free & includes lunch)
This retreat will explore the importance and our role as storytellers,
Register Here: https://t.co/Fg4PONJuFL https://t.co/WbjaMYITEy
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RT @INTOY2014: I am so excited to do anything I can to advance the cause of Christ in education, particularly at my school @GuerinCatholic! https://t.co/ILT310svAe
It's Student Choice Day at Guerin Catholic! Teachers coordinate classes based on their own particular hobbies and interests and students choose which classes to attend! We are having an amazingly fun day! What a great way to start our Spring Break!! Great job Golden Eagles!!! https://t.co/dfERP89CIR
Guerin Catholic students and staff gathered in the gym today at noon to join the Church in prayer.
Pope Francis has invited all to join him in an Act of Consecration of Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary today at noon.
Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. https://t.co/F7WCfyL9j7
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Thank you to the many area priests who helped at our Lenten Penance Service today at Guerin Catholic. We are so abundantly blessed to continually offer our students opportunities to receive the sacraments. https://t.co/7KtbvM1XQL
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RT @GCHSgirlslax: Varsity FINAL from the NEST
Way to go GC Mock Trial!!! https://t.co/JSGDylyHfG
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Pizza with the President @DeaconRWagner today at Guerin Catholic! During each of the three lunch periods various Seniors were treated with pizza & conversation! It’s good to be a Golden Eagle!! https://t.co/Krgb98Qpm9
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St. Joseph altars, representing the Holy Trinity, are divided into 3 sections with a statue of St. Joseph at the head & candles, figurines, flowers, medals, & offerings of food are added. We celebrated the Patron Saint of Fathers & Families yesterday.
St. Jospeh, pray for us. https://t.co/JRrrBtpMV5
RT @CarolWagner521: I still want to be retired but I’m having fun with my students at Guerin Catholic. This community is amazing! Loving being back in the classroom… but only until summer! https://t.co/PWFFOiQR9c