We're all smiles on this sunny Friday. The love our students have for our school and more importantly, each other, is unparalleled. Happy Friday, Guerin Catholic! https://t.co/teRXOQCos4
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The first apparition of Our Lady to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco took place on May 13, 1917
"There is no problem I tell you no matter how difficult it is that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary" Sister Lucia of Fatima
Have a great day Golden Eagles!
#OurLadyOfFatima https://t.co/2KYCIJHVS0
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Interested in Guerin Catholic? Join us for our last Tuesday Tour & Student 1:1 on Tuesday, May 18 from 10-11:30. This morning event is geared towards possible transfer students and 8th graders wanting to start Aug 2021.

To register, visit https://t.co/TUQolGKfG8 https://t.co/lEJygqydqg
We loved getting to enjoy every inch of campus throughout the freshmen retreat today! https://t.co/UiVVHoksAZ
Some of our freshmen class serving at St. Vincent DePaul society today as part of their Freshmen retreat! https://t.co/t1GlHi1fQJ
Happy Mother's Day to all of our GC Moms!!
Mary, we turn to you and thank the Lord for the great gift of motherhood.
Intercede for all of our GC mothers. May they find strength to say yes to the call to the sacrificial love. Mary, queen of the home, pray for us. https://t.co/edDMSLnlDS
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Beautiful day on the Guerin Catholic campus to host the annual Sports Camp with Joe Reitz! https://t.co/aCxgzRCKyv
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"Words I would use to describe our teachers: Passionate. Loving. Caring. Available. Genuine. Accommodating. Did I say loving?" ~GC Staff Member
#TeacherAppreciationWeek https://t.co/SbMq26pCjq
"My teachers are so understanding, and are happy to go over things with us if we don't get it or understand right away." ~GC Student
#TeacherAppreciationWeek https://t.co/X2dDioEklR
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Today is also #NurseAppreciationDay! Let’s not forget two very important people in our building, our nurses Mary Harris and Nancy Scott. They have been instrumental in keeping all who enter in our building safe and healthy! Thank you! https://t.co/hhdN0RjOnE
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May Crowning is one of our favorite days of the year! Blessed Mother, Pray for Us 💕 https://t.co/2zC2B8jFcK
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"Our faculty are all so passionate. They live and breathe the motto 'Love the children first, then teach them.'" ~GC Staff Member
#TeacherAppreciationWeek https://t.co/g65v4vysYZ
Only 4 short weeks until Commencement!! Our seniors have been awarded some great scholarships for their upcoming collegiate studies; over $24 million cumulatively to date! Congratulations, Class of 2021! #TimeToSoar🦅 https://t.co/FqZBjATHjV
"All of our teachers are approachable and you feel comfortable talking to them, even about things unrelated to class or school." ~GC Student
#TeacherAppreciationWeek https://t.co/9A6Zpli4gQ
Hola de Español! (Hello from Spanish!) We love celebrating our teachers for doing what they do best 💙 https://t.co/l4ekkhqznU
Wow Alicia!! Keep up the great work! https://t.co/TK4XdjIPPi
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Give our Interim President @DeaconRWagner a follow—you won’t regret it! https://t.co/Xuq9OD8nQx
Can’t wait to see you all tonight, in person or on-screen, at our Night of Gratitude! #gcgala2021 https://t.co/LBwcPF7kQe
We've got some new swag in at the Spirit Shop! Stop in to pick up an H2Go water bottle to stay hydrated, a hat to keep the sun off, or a new t-shirt for spirit days! https://t.co/uXZEci5pVl
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"At-Home Edition" tickets for this year's Guerin Catholic Gala are still available. Dinner will include an Italian salad, the choice between the Maggiano's Signature Rigatoni "D" or Four Cheese Ravioli, and Vera's Lemon Cookies.
To purchase, visit https://t.co/rFvqdg0iBX https://t.co/rWLSMfrVte
Didn't think we'd have to bust out snow plows in April... https://t.co/Y6xAtfmJxC
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Today is the final day to purchase tickets to the IN-PERSON event for this year's Gala! Click the link for more: https://t.co/NTYUgUTHfX https://t.co/SQRDf4gto7
RT @POEducation: Calling all seniors! Diocesan scholarships are available, apply today! https://t.co/9Sjm1boStN
We interrupt this spring break with a brief message: Only 6 days left to purchase your in-person ticket to this year's Gala! For more information on the in-person option or "at-home" option, and to purchase tickets, visit: https://t.co/NTYUgUC6op https://t.co/T95FtRHV7p
RT @GCHS_Athletics: Enjoy your Spring Break, @GuerinCatholic! Go Golden Eagles! https://t.co/RuGCqubBBJ
Happy Easter, Guerin Catholic! https://t.co/O0ZBMs1Vyy
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Tonight during the Easter Vigil masses at our surrounding parishes, 3 Guerin Catholic Golden Eagles will be welcomed into full communion with the Catholic Church. Please continue to keep all those entering the church today in your prayers! https://t.co/zbTZRjgwyk
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"As we pray these stations, allow us to be with You. Let our meditations on Your Passion fill us with gratitude for the pain and suffering in our own life."
Good Friday 2021 https://t.co/ziVgCMUbuY
Today, Holy Thursday, begins the Triduum. See this illustrated guide below for more on the importance of each of the following three days and ideas of how to celebrate them throughout your day. https://t.co/cOgAsSSe5B
Did you know that Wednesday of Holy Week is traditionally called "Spy Wednesday" because Judas bargained with the High Priest to betray Jesus for thirty silver pieces (Matt 26:14-16; Mark 14:10-11; Luke 22:1-6). https://t.co/sxdGcShQ0a
We are well into Holy Week and looking forward to the upcoming Triduum! Check out this "Holy Week in 3 Minutes" video from the Busted Halo Show that Deacon Rick shared with us.
"...Those preceding him as well as those following kept crying out: 'Hosanna!' Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that is to come! Hosanna in the highest!”
Mark 11:7-10
#PalmSunday2021 https://t.co/ka7j3LrL21
Have you purchased your tickets for this year's Guerin Catholic Gala: A Night of Gratitude? We are excited to offer both an in-person and virtual ticket option. Space is limited for the in-person event, so don't wait!
Buy your tickets here: https://t.co/rFvqdg0iBX https://t.co/uBigXnnAEK
Our Seniors as freshmen ❤️ https://t.co/bCVTAg7bvt
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We continue to lift up our faculty, senior leaders, and some of the members of our junior class as they are midway through Junior Retreat! Come, Holy Spirit! https://t.co/QRTNk2KoLe
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If you haven't had a chance to see "A Hero's Journey," join us tonight through Saturday night at 7pm. Tonight is ALUMNI NIGHT! Hope to see some of our alumni in the house!
Reserve your spot here: https://t.co/NHWpNrHOmL https://t.co/cgIAZNYLAK
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Join us in prayer for our Juniors on retreat this week! https://t.co/q4Y8CntfSy
In case you missed it, we recently started a podcast "Guerin Catholic NestCast" with Principal McNeany! Be sure to check out our latest episode here: https://t.co/VOg0RHNLlN. #TalkAboutItTuesday https://t.co/yVVDnYoFlZ
RT @GCHS_Athletics: Attention all @GCAlumni: lace up your sneakers and get your jumpshot ready! There will be an alumni open gym this Sunday from 1-3pm at @GuerinCatholic. Looking forward to having you back in the Nest!
We’re proud of our boys!! Great season, Golden Eagles! https://t.co/5KdLax2jsk
What an amazing turnout at Semi-State from @GCHSStudent section!! We Are Guerin Catholic!!!
Halftime score GC 19-Silver Creek 20
Let’s GO GOLDEN EAGLES!! https://t.co/lG2poA0fqE
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"Every player in our program improved their game in some fashion. Now, we have something to build on this offseason.” -Coach Quaranta
Read more about our Girls' Basketball Season here https://t.co/oB4B05UJvI https://t.co/faq6U2ymSS
Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph! We're blessed by the Sisters and our Campus Ministry team who helped us celebrate throughout the day, including a special mass with the Bishop! https://t.co/iD2cSKazzY
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RT @DeaconRWagner: It is possible to have a strong faith while having doubts as well. How we respond to that doubt? Do we allow it to stop us in our tracks? Or do we power through the doubt, trusting that God will provide clarity in his own time?

What drives your actions – faith or doubt?
Fr. Haan back in the Nest tomorrow serving up his famous root beer floats on the Solemnity of St. Joseph—it doesn’t get any better than this Golden Eagles!! Come one, come all!! https://t.co/y8zOnXepxm