Latin III (Honors) | Guerin Catholic High School


Latin III (Honors)
Grades 10-12
2 credits
Prerequisite: Latin II

Latin III gives students the opportunity to use what they have mastered in the first two levels by exploring deeply works of history, law, philosophy, and poetry. Authors may include Eutropius, Cicero, Sallust, Seneca, Vergil, Catullus, and Horace. As in other levels, students will have the opportunity to connect more closely with the ancient world through unique projects, which may involve spoken Latin and medieval calligraphy. Students in Latin III will continue to grow in their faith through daily interactions with Latin Scripture and through exploring works from writers such as St. Augustine, St. Anselm, and St. Aquinas. Students completing Latin III will be well prepared for IB Latin the following year.