Political Science (offered 2024-2025) | Guerin Catholic High School


Political Science (Offered 2024-2025)
Grades 10-12
1 credit
Prerequisite: U.S. Government (recommended)
Note: Offered alternate years as International Relations

Political Science provides for a study of the processes and goals of politics; processes of government; methods by which decisions are made; and the basis of decision making. The course goes beyond the study of governmental structure and functions to include and analysis of topics such as: (1) the nature of the American party system, (2) interest groups, (3) public opinion, (4) laws which affect students, (5) reasons laws are changed, (6) due process of law, (7) legal rights, and (8) legal responsibilities. Comparative studies of governmental systems in nations other than the United States may also be included. Students will organize and moderate the Mock Presidential Election at Guerin Catholic.