IB History SL | Guerin Catholic High School


IB History SL
Grades 11-12
4 credits
Prerequisite: Government, Economics

IB History is a course in which the students explore topics in the history of the United States and Latin America as well as a series of topics in 20th century world history while considering questions of historiography and conducting in-depth research. The goals of this course are to help the IB student of history develop a sense of internationalism; understand the discipline of history; fulfill World Civilization and U.S. History requirements of the State of Indiana; prepare for the successful completion of exams at the end of senior year; and conduct a historical investigation. U.S. topics include the colonial period; movements of independence; evolution of new governments; Indiana history; the opening of the West and manifest destiny; the United States Civil War, causes, courses and effects; immigration and urbanization, U.S. foreign policy in the late 19th/early 20th century; and the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Topics of the 20th century include: World War I in Europe, the interwar years, World War II, the rise and rule of 20th century dictators, and the Cold War, including the Korea/Vietnam conflicts.