Guitar | Guerin Catholic High School


Grades 9-12
1 credit
Prerequisite: None, no prior musical experience necessary

This course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of music through the study of acoustic or electric guitar. Students will learn technique, chords, notation, and ensemble skills. Students taking this course are provided with a balanced comprehensive study of guitar ensemble and solo literature, which develops skills in the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains. Instruction is designed to enable students to connect, examine, imagine, define, try, extend, refine, and integrate music study into other subject areas. Student participation will develop elements of musicianship including, but not limited to: (1) tone production, (2) technical skills, (3) intonation, (4) music reading skills, (5) listening skills, (6) analyzing music, and (7) studying historically significant styles of literature as pertaining to guitar ensemble and solo literature. Students develop the ability to understand and convey the composer’s intent in order to connect the performer with the audience. Students must perform, with expression and technical accuracy, a large and varied repertoire of guitar ensemble and solo literature that is developmentally appropriate. Evaluation of music and music performances is included. It is strongly recommended to have your own acoustic or electric guitar. Acoustic guitars owned by the school are available upon request.