Gala Pre-Event Bourbon & Wine Tasting

Friday, February 10, 2023
5-6 pm prior to the Guerin Catholic Gala
Ritz Charles, 12156 N Meridian St., Carmel

Please note guests must be registered for the Guerin Catholic Gala in order to participate in the Pre-Event tasting.

Seize your opportunity to try a selection of hard-to-find bourbons at this educational and guided pre-event tasting in the Ritz Charles Glass Pavilion. Guests will have the opportunity to try 5 samples of different bourbons, including Angel’s Envy, Makers 46, 1792, Blantons, and Weller Special Reserve.

Bourbon not your thing? We are also offering a wine tasting of 5 different white and red selections in the cocktail area of the main ballroom.

As the tastings are held concurrently in separate locations within the Ritz Charles, guests must choose one or the other to attend.