Catholic Life Student Committee

The purpose of the Catholic Life Student Committee is to ensure that Catholic Identity is covered in all school programs and events. These students work closely with school administration and faculty to prepare programs that help the student body deepen their relationship with Christ. Below are the members of the committee for the 2015-2016 school year.

  • Presidents:
  • Vice Presidents: Gabe Ganser and Kent Linton
  • Secretaries:
  • Treasurer:

Committee Members:  Kendal Ajdaharian, Kate Anderson, Katie Bailey, Ellie Barrett, Mack Bentivolglio, Cassie Bestard, Tripp Burton, Christian Daniels, Jason Diebolt, Laila Dilts, Matthew Godfrey, Reiley Harrington, Brady Kimmel, Keegan Kirkwood, Grace Leon, Matt Quinn, Kate Sexton, Madeline Titus, Kenneth Villacorta

All questions for the Catholic Life Student Committee can be directed to Scott McNamee, Director of Campus Ministry and Student Life