Cadet Teaching Experience | Guerin Catholic High School


Cadet Teaching Experience
Grades 11-12
2-4 credits
Prerequisite:Application process, personal transportation
Please note: Student must be available 4th and 5th period combined and use two elective credits

This elective course provides students in grades eleven (11) or twelve (12) organized exploratory teaching experiences in grades kindergarten (K) through grade eight (8). All teaching experiences should be preplanned by the high school Cadet Teaching Experience teacher-trainer and the cooperating teacher(s) who are interested in supervising prospective teachers and providing them with pre-training experiences in one or more classes. This course provides a balance of class work relating to: classroom organization, classroom management, the curriculum and instructional process, observations of teaching, and instructional experiences. Study topics and background reading provide the cadets information concerning the teaching profession and the nature of the cadet teachers’ assignments. Evaluation is based upon the cadet teachers’ cooperation, day-to-day practical performance, and class work including the cadets’ potential ability to teach. The total workload of the Cadet Teaching course is comparable to those for other subjects in the high school curriculum.