U.S. Government | Guerin Catholic High School


U.S. Government
Grade 10
1 credit
Prerequisite: none
Also offered as an online Summer School course for sophomores or those needing credit recovery

United States Government provides a framework for understanding the nature and importance of responsible civic participation and for learning the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a constitutional democracy. The course enables students to explore the historic origins and evolution of political philosophies into contemporary political and legal systems. Constitutional structure and processes of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the national, state, and local levels of government are examined. Students learn to demonstrate an understanding of the governmental structures of the United States and other political systems, as well as the relationship of American government to world affairs. They learn to understand their ability to influence policies and decisions as individuals and in groups. Related learning experiences in the school and community enable students to learn how to participate effectively in the political process. The study of United States government also offers students opportunities to develop knowledge, inquiry skills and the means to preserve and improve our constitutional democracy.