IB Visual Arts HL | Guerin Catholic High School


IB Visual Arts HL
Grades 11-12
4 credits
Prerequisite: Intro to 2D or 3D Art

Visual Arts Higher Level is a course designed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. This class is suitable for students who are eager to explore and develop their own creative potential through any of the main media techniques of the visual arts. The main prerequisites for this course are enthusiasm, commitment, and a willingness to become involved in practical and theoretical inquiry into aspects of the visual arts. The studio course will include opportunities for structured learning and personal research of a more experimental nature; many art techniques and media will be used for all three art making forms: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital media. Students are required to document their work to encourage adventurous and critical personal investigation in a working journal, containing both visual and verbal information, including records of exhibitions visited, consideration of the visual arts of other cultures, the historical context of artworks being studied, and references to the student’s own studio practice. Students will also set-up and exhibit their own artwork at the end of the four trimesters. At the higher level, students will have three areas of study-20% comparative study, 40% process portfolio, and 40% exhibition/project based work.