IB Theatre, HL | Guerin Catholic High School


Theatre Higher Level, International Baccalaureate
Grades 11-12
4 credits
Prerequisite: none

This course is multifaceted and gives students the opportunity to actively engage in theatre as creators, designers, directors, and performers. It emphasizes working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble. The teacher’s role is to create opportunities that allow students to explore, learn, discover, and collaborate to become autonomous, informed, and skilled theatre-makers. Students learn to apply research and theory to inform and to contextualize their work. Through researching, creating, preparing, presenting, and critically reflecting on theatre, they gain a richer understanding of themselves, their community, and the world. Students experience the course from contrasting artistic and cultural perspectives. They learn about theatre from around the world, the importance of making theatre with integrity, and the impact that theatre can have on the world. It enables them to discover and engage with different forms of theatre across time, place, and culture, promoting international-mindedness and an appreciation of the diversity of theatre. At the Higher Level, students will additionally research and examine the various contexts of at least one theatre theorist.