IB Language A: Literature HL | Guerin Catholic High School


IB Language A: Literature HL
Grades 11-12
4 credits
Prerequisite: Honors English 10 or school counselor approval

English A: Literature, Higher Level, is a course based on the content established by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Students enrolled in IB English: Literature will develop their powers of expression in both oral and written communication by using the skills involved in writing and speaking in a variety of styles and situations. Works studied are chosen from a broad list of prescribed authors and works representing different literary periods and genres. The course is assessed through both oral and written examinations that allow students to demonstrate individual language skills, the ability to critically analyze and comment upon familiar and unfamiliar texts, and the ability to express a personal and independent response to literature. Literature studied for this course covers fiction (general and historical), drama (translated from original language to English), poetry, and memoir. Required IB Higher Level assessments include the following: Written Assignment at the junior level, Individual Oral Commentary and Discussion at the senior level, and IB Higher Level tests–Paper I and Paper II–in May of senior year.