Wind Symphony | Guerin Catholic High School


Wind Symphony
Grades 9-12
1 credit per trimester
Prerequisite: Audition in May of the preceding year, select members added throughout the year with special permission from the director

Wind Symphony is an auditioned band ensemble that plays the most advanced literature for bands performing in Group I at the ISSMA Concert Band State Qualifying contest. Students perform regularly throughout the year at Guerin Catholic Masses, three departmental concerts, and other various community events. This class provides students with a balanced, comprehensive study of music through the concert band, which develops skills in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains. This performance ensemble is open to students in grades 9-12 who play woodwind, brass, bass guitar/string bass, or percussion instruments. The primary goal of this course is to teach students authentic, performance-based musical skills. The curriculum also includes but is not limited to: pep band performances throughout the fall football season, concerts throughout the academic year, ISSMA organized performances such as ISSMA State Qualification Contest, and participation in the ISSMA solo and ensemble, performances at community related events as well as school related events such as parades, pep sessions and commencement ceremonies. Away/overnight trips are possible. The Wind Symphony includes a pep band requirement unless a student has a valid conflict with the pep band season, such as a GCHS fall sport. Students that are unable to participate in the pep band due to a valid conflict are still eligible for this course, but are excused from pep band commitments.