Composition | Guerin Catholic High School


Grades 10-12
1 credit
Prerequisite: none

Composition provides students with an opportunity to learn to write by writing. Students will have frequent opportunities to write for different audiences and purposes, using a process that includes: prewriting, drafting, peer sharing, revising (content, structure, or presentation), editing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage), and producing a final product. For peer sharing, students receive specific training in providing constructive, substantive feedback, while role playing as members of the author’s target audience. Selected readings provide models of effective writing techniques and opportunities to evaluate and discuss the writings of others. In addition to providing instruction in writing clear, coherent, and organized text, this course will teach strategies for collecting and transforming data for use in writing and using criteria to evaluate and revise writing. Instruction in grammar, usage, and mechanics will be integrated with writing so that students develop a functional understanding of language and a common vocabulary for discussing writing. Though not every piece of writing has to be put into final form, those that are should follow accepted conventions of language, style, mechanics, and format.