Career Exploration Internship | Guerin Catholic High School


Career Exploration Internship
Grades 11-12
2 credits
Prerequisite: Application process, personal transportation

The Career Exploration Internship course is a paid or unpaid work experience in the public or private sector that provides for workplace learning in an area of student career interest. Unlike a cooperative education program in which students gain expertise in a specific occupation, the career exploration internship is intended to expose students to broad aspects of a particular industry or career cluster area by rotating through a variety of work sites or departments. In addition to their workplace learning activities, students participate in 1) regularly scheduled meetings with their classroom teacher, or 2) a regularly scheduled seminar with the teacher for the purpose of helping students make the connection between academic learning and their work-related experiences. Specific instructional standards tied to the career cluster or pathway and learning objectives for the internship must be written to clarify the expectations of all parties – the student, parent, employer, and instructor.