Covid-19 Updates and Resources

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Guerin Catholic Cares Fund

This is a new emergency fund for Guerin Catholic families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for tuition assistance for this school year and next.

If you need tuition assistance, please contact Andy Cowen, Tuition and Financial Aid Specialist, at (317) 582-0120 ext. 207, or We are here to help #GCCares.

Click here for more information about GC Cares

eLearning Schedule (March 23 – May 29)

Click here to expand for the eLearning schedule through Friday, May 29th

Week of March 23
Monday, March 23 – eLearning Day
Tuesday, March 24 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, March 25 – eLearning Day
Thursday, March 26 – eLearning Day
Friday, March 27 – Spring Break Begins

Week of March 30
Spring Break Vacation for Students and Staff

Week of April 6
Monday, April 6 – Spring Break for Students, Planning Day for Teachers
Tuesday, April 7 – Spring Break for Students, Planning Day for Teachers
Wednesday, April 8 – Spring Break for Students, Planning Day for Teachers
Thursday, April 9 – Spring Break for Students, Planning Day for Teachers
Friday, April 10 – Good Friday, no eLearning for students/teachers

Week of April 13
Monday, April 13 – Easter Monday, no eLearning for students/teachers
Tuesday, April 14 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, April 15 – eLearning Day
Thursday, April 16 – eLearning Day
Friday, April 17 – eLearning Day

Week of April 20
Monday, April 20 – Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, April 21 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, April 22 – eLearning Day
Thursday, April 23 – eLearning Day
Friday, April 24 – eLearning Day

Week of April 27
Monday, April 27 – Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, April 28 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, April 29 – eLearning Day
Thursday, April 30 – eLearning Day
Friday, May 1 – eLearning Day

Week of May 4
Monday, May 4 – Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, May 5 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, May 6 – eLearning Day
Thursday, May 7 – eLearning Day
Friday, May 8 – eLearning Day

Week of May 11
Monday, May 11 – Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, May 12 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, May 13 – eLearning Day
Thursday, May 14 – eLearning Day
Friday, May 15 – eLearning Day

Week of May 18
Monday, May 18 – Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, May 19 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, May 20 – eLearning Day
Thursday, May 21 – eLearning Day
Friday, May 22 – eLearning Day – Last day for Seniors

Week of May 25
Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day – no eLearning
Tuesday, May 26 – eLearning Day
Wednesday, May 27 – eLearning Day
Thursday, May 28 – eLearning Day
Friday, May 29 – eLearning Day – Last day for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors

School Communications

Roadmap for 2020-21 Reopening – May 27, 2020
Continuous Learning Plan
E-learning Reminders – April 13, 2020
GC Closed for remainder of 2019-20 school year – April 2, 2020
eLearning Schedule Update – March 23, 2020
Coronavirus Update – March 19, 2020
E-Learning Update Day#1 FAQs – March 17, 2020

eLearning Information

During our eLearning days, students should utilize their device to complete course content that teachers have placed in Canvas. Content will be updated on a daily basis and available for students by 9 a.m. each day. If your student has an issue with their device or internet, please contact the school by phone (317) 582-1020 or email so we can manage the issue as quickly as possible.

What should a student do on an eLearning Day?

Revised E-learning Daily Schedule

Students will utilize Canvas for class instructional material.

Students are required to complete an attendance form for each class each school day. The teacher will post the attendance form on their Canvas page along with daily instructions and reminders by 9 a.m. Students may complete this attendance form at any time throughout the day to be considered present. Failure to do so will result in a student being marked unexcused for that particular class and work submitted will not receive credit.

Students are required to complete and submit all coursework as defined by the teacher.

Published coursework may be completed at the student’s own pace as long as due dates are met.

Students are expected to be aware of and participate in any prearranged virtual meetings and/or assessments for a class via Canvas. These will be communicated to students at least two days prior and held during the prescribed class period as per our eLearning Schedule.

All teachers will be available online daily for student questions via a Canvas discussion board during office hours from 3:15-4 p.m. The preferred mode of communication for an immediate teacher response should be this discussion board.

Students should expect a delayed response if they communicate with teachers via email.

Teachers will do their best to respond to an email within 24 hours.

What will a teacher do on an eLearning Day?

Teachers will have course content and the attendance form posted by 9 a.m.

Teachers will be available between the hours of 3:15-4 p.m. via Canvas discussion board for student support.

Teachers will communicate any required class meetings and/or assessments via Canvas at least two days in advance; no more than two required class meetings per class, per week will be arranged.

Teachers will make every effort to answer questions promptly.

Teachers will grade student work and enter in Canvas in a timely fashion.

What should a parent/guardian do on an eLearning day?

Ensure that your child logs into Canvas each day and completes all assigned course work and the attendance form for each class.

Ensure that your child is available for any prearranged class meetings and/or assessments.

Encourage students to work in a space that is free from distractions and conducive to learning.

Monitor Canvas so that you are certain your child is keeping up with assignments.

If your child is ill, please call the Guerin Catholic attendance line at (317) 660-0404 by 9 a.m. to report the illness.

Discourage gatherings at places like a friend’s house, restaurants and coffee shops.

Please know we continue to follow the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. This situation is fluid and decisions moving forward will continue to be made in consultation with the county and state health departments, the Office of Catholic Schools, the public school superintendents in Hamilton County and our partner schools.

Please continue to pray for this situation and know how much we appreciate your patience and understanding.


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