Strength and Conditioning | Guerin Catholic High School


Strength and Conditioning
Grades 9-12
1 credit
Prerequisite: Kinesiology I and II or Department recommendation; IHSAA athletic physical on file with athletic department
Note: May be taken 1x freshman year, 2x sophomore, junior, senior year

This course promotes lifetime sport and recreational activities while providing an opportunity for an in-depth study in specific areas. The following activities will be included: five components of fitness; team sports; individual/dual sports; performance testing; cross training; speed enhancement; power development; plyometric training; weight/Olympic lifting; and recovery practices. It includes the study of physical developmental concepts and principles of sport and exercise as well as opportunities to develop or refine skills and attitudes that promote lifelong fitness. Students will be given the opportunity to design and develop an appropriate personal fitness program that enables them to achieve a desired fitness goal. Assessment will include both written and performance based evaluations.