Modern World Civilization | Guerin Catholic High School


Modern World Civilization
Grade 12
2 credits
Prerequisite: none

Modern World Civilization provides an in-depth look at key 20th century world events. The course focuses on major world wars, dictators, the Cold War, and modern American topics. In particular, the course examines: World Wars I and II; the Russian Revolution, Lenin and Stalin; the Great Depression; the interwar dictatorships of Mussolini and Hitler; the early Cold War in the US; Korean and Vietnam Wars; American social movements of the 1960s; foreign policy in the later years of the Cold War; and the fall of Communism. Students will read the historical novel, In Harm’s Way, learning about the USS Indianapolis. The course is designed to study and identify themes throughout history that still apply to the modern world today, so students compare current events to topics we have studied.