Mary, Queen of Heaven & Earth, Pray for Us

Mary, Queen of Heaven & Earth, Pray for Us

May 7th, 2020 was the day our Guerin Catholic Community would have celebrated our All School Mass with our May Crowning. This is a beautiful tradition of Guerin Catholic that honors our Blessed Mother in her month of May. In our time of quarantine, we can find ourselves dwelling on the different events we are missing out on -which truly saddens us all. The Guerin Catholic Campus Ministry team wanted to find ways to replicate our May Crowning experience and honor our Blessed Mother. Please enjoy the following videos in honor of Mary and our traditional May Crowning activities.

Making of the Crown
This video helps us learn why and how we can make a crown for Mary with the help of teachers Mrs. Shelley Horn and Mrs. Stephanie Ganser.

The Virtues of Mary for May Crowning
This video helps us delve deeper into the Blessed Mother’s virtues with Theology Department Chair Sister Josemaria and the Ladies of Sodality.

May Crowning Past Crowners
This video is a reflection on the experience of crowning Mary by our past May Crowners and introducing our May Crowner for 2020, sophomore Laine Schwegman. Laine was selected by the ladies of the sophomore class as a classmate who upholds the Virtues of Mary.

Past Crowners:
Mrs. Leona Chianello (Assistant to the Principal)
Christina Specht ’16 (2014)
Madeline Titus ’17 (2015)
Mary Ganser ’18 (2016)
Sam Kinslow ’19 (2017)
Nicole Powers ’20 (2018)
Emma Abdalla ’21 (2019)
Laine Schwegman ’22 (2020)*
*We hope to have Laine crown Mary in the Fall when we are back at the Guerin Catholic campus together.

2020 May Crowning
We invite you to watch as Guerin Catholic Chaplain Father John Nguyen, Sister Ann Thomas, and Sister Josemaria, honor our Blessed Mother by a beautiful May Crowning. It is such a blessing to know, that despite our community being apart, our Blessed Mother at Guerin Catholic’s Grotto is still crowned and honored this month of May.

Click here for a guide to use to crown the Blessed Mother in your own homes.

A special thank you to the following faculty and staff members, current students and alumni for creating this lovely tribute to our May Crowning traditions:

Father John Nguyen, Sister Josemaria, Sister Ann Thomas, Miss Maggie Hagenauer, Miss Lauren LaCoy, Mr. Mike Panasuk, Mrs. Toni Hinkley, Mr. Scott McNamee, Mrs. Shelley Horn, Mrs. Stephanie Ganser, Mr. Billy Thompson ’11, Mrs. Colleen Ward, Mrs. Lauren (Van Atter) Pohl ’13, Therese Hinkley ’19, Annabelle Bork ’20, Justine Hinkley ’21, Abigail Snyder ’21, Anna Bauer ’22, Isabelle “Izzy” Kemp ’22, Audrey Kunce ’22, and Karter Taylor ’22.