Kinesiology I | Guerin Catholic High School


Kinesiology I
Grade 9
1 credit
Prerequisite: none

Also offered as a blended Summer School course to incoming freshmen or those needing credit recovery.
This course focuses on the influence of the physical, emotional, mental, moral, social, and spiritual dimensions of health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. This course continues the emphasis on health-related fitness and developing the skills and habits necessary for a lifetime of physical activity. The Kinesiology program includes skill development and the application of rules and strategies of complex difficulty in at least three of the following different movement forms: five components of fitness (cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition); aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise; team sports; individual/dual sports; outdoor pursuits; gymnastics; self-defense; and recreational games. Assessment includes both written and performance-based evaluations.