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Freedom isn’t Free, or FiF, is a new group based on the principle of understanding what our freedom is and what it means to us and others all across the world. We will be discussing what the impact of government and global policy and culture has had upon freedom and the behaviors of the people around us. The overall purpose of the group is to make everyone involved or connected to the club in any way understand their rights and the rights of others for the greater good of the world. We will be analyzing documents of law from the past, present, and even predicting future laws that may be for good or for worse. FiF will be looking at past elections in the United States and checking their policies and seeing what these people really wanted to do if they get the position they are after. We are younger, and do not have the rights necessary to truly influence the system by voting, but it is understood that we are able to comprehend what our leaders have done and are doing in this nation. If we understand now, it can only help us be educated voters in the future. Help us gain the support required in order to create this new group/club just by notifying a leader of it.

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JP Kurlich – Class of 2019

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