What is GC’s Day of Giving?

Guerin Catholic’s Day of Giving is a one-day fundraising event that will take place on Thursday, April 28, and is a special day to come together to show your support of Guerin Catholic. All gifts are directed to the Providence Fund which supports:

Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid
Faculty and Staff Support
Student Life Experiences
Learning Support


“I am grateful for the opportunity to pray with and for my coworkers and for the blessing of knowing that they will pray for me too.”
– Mrs. Liane Foerder, World Languages Department Chair, Spanish Teacher


“I am so thankful for this generous community! Everyone pitches in wherever there is a need. It may be a teacher going through a rough time, a student who is struggling, or even parents who are experiencing a hardship, but this community comes together when the need arises. I am grateful to be part of it.”
– Mrs. Krista Stubbs, Language Arts Teacher


“I am so grateful for the different ways joy permeates through Guerin Catholic. I saw it so boldly when our Fine Arts students traveled to New Orleans and shared their gifts and talents of music. When they sang at the homeless shelter and at Masses, joy and love for God radiated throughout them—it was contagious! That joy and love is seen not just in the Fine Arts, but throughout the classrooms, retreats, athletics, service and beyond. We are people of joy!”
– Ms. Lauren LaCoy, Theology Teacher/Campus Minister