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Instructional Levels

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The remote learning students may engage in throughout the year at any of the instructional levels listed above will include both synchronous or asynchronous methods. Students engaging in synchronous instruction will participate in the lesson with the teacher and other students in real-time. For example, students might be instructed to log in to Zoom at 8:45 a.m. to participate with other students in a class discussion facilitated by the teacher. Asynchronous instruction takes place when the student chooses the time that he/she will access the virtual content. For example, a student watches the recorded math lesson and then completes the assignment at a time the student chooses.

Temporary eLearning Schedule

In-Person Instruction

While we are enhancing the tools our teachers and students use to connect to one another and course content when there is a need to work from home for a period of time, we have found that these tools cannot replace the impact and value of in-person instruction. At this time, we do not intend to offer a full-time online learning option with our Guerin Catholic teachers as the instructors.

Technology Enhancements

In preparation for the school year, we have invested in both hardware and software that will not only enhance the in-person experience of all students but will also make it possible for students to connect with their courses remotely when required due to COVID-19 related absences. These tools include enhanced audio and video capabilities in all classrooms, interactive whiteboards with built-in streaming capabilities and school-wide subscriptions to student engagement platforms such as Zoom, Nearpod and EdPuzzle.

Remote Learning for COVID-Related Absences

When it becomes necessary for a student to work from home for a specified period of time, Guerin Catholic is committed to supporting them through their absence from school. In the event of such an absence, your child’s school counselor will work with our teachers to develop an individualized learning plan for your child during that time. This plan will include an overview of the expectations and resources available for each class as well as a commitment to communicate with you at scheduled times throughout your child’s absence. Additionally, teachers will be providing information at the beginning of the school year and will provide ongoing support to students so that each child is aware of their expectations should they need to engage in course work from home.


The Indiana State Department of Health cites a reduction in COVID-19 transmission when masks are used. Simply put, wearing face coverings (masks) is one of the simplest and most effective things we can do to take care of each other! Masks will be required for all who enter Guerin Catholic High School. Masks should be worn throughout the day, except at the lunch table while eating. Again, masks can be an effective deterrent to spreading the COVID-19 virus but only if we work together as a community focused on providing a safe environment at our school.

Guerin Catholic Facemask Guidelines

IDOE Guidance for Face Coverings

Physical Distancing

Guerin Catholic will promote an environment where students, faculty, and staff are able and encouraged to maintain appropriate physical distance from one another throughout the course of the school day. It should be noted that there will be times when we cannot guarantee that six feet of distance from others will be possible within the school building. We are implementing steps for the physical distancing of students, faculty, and staff, including:

  • Kairos Mass (students & faculty/staff only) hosted in the gymnasium until further notice
  • Classroom spacing and arrangement of desks for maximum distance
  • Assigned seating in the classroom
  • Increased faculty/staff proctoring of common areas to remind students of distancing guidelines
  • Adapting group work assignments to provide more physical distance among groups of students than usual in the classroom
  • Adapting activities and locations for courses such as PE, visual arts, and performing arts, to maximize distance and avoid activities which have shown greater risk of virus transmission (e.g. contact sports, choral activities in close proximity)
  • Reducing and eliminating shared classroom materials whenever possible
  • Increased use of outdoor campus space for various classes and activities as weather allows
  • Visual directional cues throughout the school

Nurses and Health Clinic

Guerin Catholic is pleased to partner with Franciscan Health and will have two nurses available on a rotating basis throughout each school day.

  • Students and staff are required to wear a face-covering upon entry to the health clinic.
  • Students and staff are expected to physically distance while waiting to enter and while inside the clinic.
  • Symptomatic students and staff will be provided with a surgical-grade mask.
  • If a student exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, parents will be contacted to pick up the student. The student would need to stay home in quarantine for 10 days and be fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication before returning to school. If a parent presents documentation of another illness from a healthcare provider the school will follow the doctor’s recommendations.


The most important thing that we can do to prevent virus transmission among our school community is to not bring it onto campus in the first place. Students and employees will be expected and asked to stay home in the following situations:

  • When exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19. Everyone should become familiar with these symptoms, and should establish a daily self-screening process
  • After close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 or are symptomatic
  • After returning from travel to certain locations, as guided by CDC or local public health officials

All students and employees will be required to complete a health assessment form before entering the building and will be asked to commit to daily home self-screenings. We will establish processes for students to receive basic screenings at school by staff when needed. In addition, each person who enters the front doors at Guerin Catholic will have an infrared temperature reading.

When students or employees who are already at school report symptoms of COVID-19, we will have a designated isolation space and staff member who is trained to respond. Once brought to that location, the student’s family will be contacted, and an initial screening will be conducted.

Students who need to stay home for any of the reasons listed above, and their families, will receive guidance on what they need to do in order to return to school and when. This guidance may take place automatically through our screening tool, or in communication with school personnel. In some cases, this may include a student getting a COVID test or seeing a physician. In others, it may include staying home, isolating and self-monitoring for a defined time period. We will rely upon guidelines from medical professionals and public health officials to make these determinations.


Attendance Video

The most important thing that we can do to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus on Guerin Catholic’s campus is to not bring it on campus. Students and employees will be expected to stay home for all of the following reasons:

All student absences from school are to be reported to the Guerin Catholic Attendance Line at 317-660-0404.

If your child must be absent due to experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, you will receive a follow-up call from our school nurse to discuss your child’s symptoms and a plan for their return to school. If your child must be absent due to close contact with a positive case or having traveled to a location designated as a hotspot by the CDC, the follow up will come from the school administration to discuss a return plan.

Attendance incentives and course grade deductions based on attendance will be suspended for the 2020-2021 school year.

In the event that a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 at any point during the school year, it will require an immediate response. Guerin Catholic has established a 24/7 COVID-19 hotline at 317-660-0499 that is to be used exclusively to report that a student has had a confirmed positive test. It is essential that Guerin Catholic is notified immediately of a confirmed positive case in our student body to enable an immediate appropriate response.

Arrival & Dismissal

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures Video

Drop off and pick up locations and procedures will be similar to usual, with the line of cars forming along our circle drive at the beginning and end of the instructional day. Weather permitting, students who are waiting for pickup will be asked to wait outside physically distanced, rather than inside the main entrance. All students will enter the building through the main entrance and will have their temperature scanned by a touchless infrared camera.

Cleaning Procedures

Guerin Catholic will be completing a deep clean of the entire building every evening. Our cleaning crew will clean and disinfect high touchpoints such as door handles, tables, handrails and bathrooms, throughout the school day with EPA approved disinfectant for COVID-19. In addition, each classroom and meeting space will have cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer. Faculty, staff, and students will observe protocols for cleaning each classroom and meeting room after use, before the next group enters.

Students are also encouraged and given the opportunity to wash hands frequently; hand sanitizer is readily available in common areas, classrooms, hallways and other places where washing hands in a sink is not possible.

We also strongly encourage students and staff to have their own personal supply of hand sanitizer readily available.

Food Service & Nutrition

Serving and consuming food and beverages presents challenges in our current environment. Procedures will include the following:

  • Water fountains will be accessible for bottle-filling only.
  • Students will be provided with a Guerin Catholic water bottle during orientation and are encouraged to bring their own reusable water containers and rely on them throughout the school days.
  • Hot lunches will still be available every school day.
  • Cafeteria service will be adapted to minimize or eliminate self-service. New “grab and go” options will be the norm.
  • Students and staff will observe protocols for cleaning between lunch periods.
  • Vending machines will be temporarily discontinued.
  • Sacred Grounds will remain open before school hours.
  • Snack Shack will remain available after school.
  • Additional eating locations will be designated for our lunch periods and will be set up to provide for physical distancing between students.

School Supplies

In an effort to eliminate as many shared supplies as possible, we are asking each student to come to school with the supplies listed below. Additional supplies may be encouraged and communicated by classroom teachers at the start of the year. If unable to purchase the following, please contact Andy Cowen, Director of Tuition and Financial Aid, at

  • 2 cloth face coverings
  • 2 dry erase markers
  • Water bottle
  • Scientific Calculator- For students enrolled in the following math classes (Honors or Academic): Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Finite math, Probability and Statistics
  • Graphing Calculator (TI-84 Plus recommended) – For students enrolled in the following math classes: Precalculus, Honors Precalculus and Trigonometry, IB Math SL, IB Math HL

Liturgy, Sacraments, Campus Ministry

Guerin Catholic will continue to offer daily Kairos Masses and will follow the guidance of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana for all liturgy and sacraments. At this time, that includes face coverings during the distribution of Holy Communion and Confession. It also includes capacity limitations for liturgical spaces.

Every effort will be made to host a retreat for each grade this year, however, the timing and circumstances will need to fit the venue.

Confirmed Case

If a student, or a member of the student’s household, is confirmed positive for COVID-19, we ask that the family inform the school immediately by calling the COVID-19 Line at 317-660-0499.

Using the guidance provided by the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, the Indiana Department of Education, Hamilton County Health Department, the following procedures will be in place:

    • School staff will provide positive testing notification to the Hamilton County Health Department and the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana and will work together to assess factors such as the likelihood of exposure to employees and students in the building, the number of cases in the community, and other factors that may impact building closure.
    • School staff will conduct a brief “case investigation” interview to help determine close contacts among the school community to provide to the Hamilton County Health Department. The student or community member’s close groupings will be considered, such as teams, classroom seating arrangements, etc.
    • The individual who tested positive will not be identified in communications to the school community at large but may need to be selectively identified for contact tracing by the Hamilton County Health Department.
    • Hamilton County Health Department will be responsible for contacting the person confirmed with COVID-19, informing direct contacts of their possible exposure, and providing instructions to those involved with the confirmed case, including siblings and other household members regarding self-quarantine and exclusions.
    • Depending on the circumstances of a positive case, and in consultation with the Hamilton County Health Department and the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, a short-term closure may be necessary. In that event, we will communicate the status of school activities including extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, and before and after-school programs.


Drivers and students will be required to wear masks on Guerin Catholic buses. In addition, buses will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice a day. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant supplies will be available on the buses at all times.


Guerin Catholic intends to host athletic events on campus with spectators maintaining COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the IHSAA, the Department of Education and other health organizations. While we encourage the Guerin Catholic community to attend our events and support our teams, we understand that some family and friends of our athletic programs cannot attend these games. Therefore, a live stream found online will be made available for several of our fall sports events. Details will follow closer to the start of athletic contests.

In order to maintain the safety of our spectators and our event workers, Guerin Catholic will be moving to a digital ticketing system. Spectators will be asked to purchase tickets online or through a digital app in order to enter athletic events prior to entering. See the FAQs below.

Click here to access Ticket Spicket

All spectators will be asked to self-screen prior to entering athletic contests by answering the following questions:

      1. Have you experienced any symptoms associated with COVID-19?
      2. Have you been in close contact with anyone who has tested positively within the past 14 days?
      3. In the last 72 hours have you had a fever or chills and/or taken medication for a fever? A temperature of 100.4 or higher constitutes a fever according to medical professionals.

Athletic contests will be limited only to in-state opponents. We will remain in close contact with other schools and may need to further adjust schedules during the season using the most up to date information.

Athletics Tickets FAQ (September 4, 2020)

Athletics Reopening Guidelines (June 2020)

Fine Arts

Using the guidance provided by the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana and the Indiana Department of Education, we will continue to host all currently scheduled Fine Arts courses and co-curricular opportunities. The following procedures will be in place in order to ensure that these opportunities are as safe as possible for our community:

      • Shared supplies will be reduced whenever possible
      • Students will be seated in straight rows, facing the same direction, and as distantly spaced as room sizes allow
      • Large group spaces such as our cafeteria and gymnasium and outdoor spaces will be reserved for rehearsals whenever possible
      • Sectional/split rehearsal groupings will be employed as space allows
      • Music stands will not be shared and will be disinfected between each use/class
      • Participation in auditions and other events is permitted. Students are expected to be aware and follow the safety measures in place during these opportunities.
      • Concert Band will rehearse primarily in the band room, and will be seated in straight rows facing the same direction as distantly spaced as room size allows.
      • String Orchestra will rehearse in the choir room, and will be seated in straight rows facing the same direction as distantly spaced as room size allows.
      • We will be utilizing a subscription to SmartMusic to provide further resources to keep students practicing on or off campus with immediate feedback on performance. This resource will be used for string orchestra, concert band and choirs.

Choir-Specific Procedures
The following Choir-Specific Procedures will be in place:

      • All singers will be assigned to a smaller, single voice sectional and a small, mixed voice rehearsal group within their ensemble. Rehearsal schedules for smaller rehearsal groups will be posted on Canvas, so students will know at least a week in advance which rehearsals they are expected to attend.
      • Sounds of Providence will rehearse outdoors or in the cafeteria and will be as distantly spaced as possible.
      • GoldenVoice and Cecilia will rehearse outdoors, in the cafeteria, or in hallways as will be as distantly spaced as possible. Full ensemble rehearsals will only be held outdoors at this point.
      • When possible, sheet music will be distributed digitally. Students will be expected to come to rehearsal with access to this music. When given a physical copy of the music, students will be expected to bring that music to rehearsal. Choir folders will not be distributed, and students will not be able to store their music in the choir room.
      • If choir robes are distributed, students will be assigned one robe and will store it at their home for the year.

Visitor Policy

The following restrictions on visitors to Guerin Catholic’s campus will be enforced and will remain in effect until further notice.

      • All visitors must have a previously scheduled appointment (including visits to the Spirit Shop) and must arrive no sooner than 5 minutes prior to their appointment.
      • Visitors must enter the school through the main entrance (Door 1) and check-in at the front desk to sign our Health Acknowledgement Form upon arrival.
      • All visitors will have their temperature scanned by a touchless infrared camera.
      • Masses and Eucharistic Adoration will be limited to students, faculty and staff only.

Resources for Families

As students return to school, we know that they do so with a wide range of experiences and emotions. Our sophomores, juniors, and seniors are returning to school having the end of their previous Guerin Catholic school year turned upside down. Our incoming freshmen and transfer students abruptly left their previous schools and are entering a new school with new guidelines and procedures. Many students will be excited to return to school while others may experience fear or anxiety. Children take cues from their parents on how to react to situations. Parents are encouraged to remain calm, listen, and engage in open and honest conversations with their children. We at Guerin Catholic are taking every precaution and making decisions informed by the CDC and IDOE that we believe are in the best interest of our students, staff, and community. Please reassure your children that their safety is our top priority at Guerin Catholic. Because we know that different students will approach the upcoming school year differently, we have compiled a list of resources for parents. Please know that the counselors at Guerin Catholic will be available to support students as they transition back to school. Please reach out to your child’s school counselor if any concerns arise.

Below are some resources that may be useful to parents in helping children deal with the broad range of thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing. Most importantly though, we ask you to pray.

Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting From COVID-19

Talking With Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Online Resources to Grow in Holiness (Resources compiled by GCHS to help students grow in faith)