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Class of 2024 Meet & Greet - July 9, 2020

Class of 2024 Meet & Greet

July 9, 7-8:30 p.m.
Incoming freshmen are invited to join us on Thursday, July 9th from 7pm-8:30pm on the soccer field for fun and camaraderie with their classmates! More details will be emailed to registrants.
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Note from GC Director of Technology Mark Phillips

As you are aware, the Technology Department has been busy preparing new student accounts, or what we like to refer to as a student’s GCID. Those GCID’s provide access to all of Guerin Catholic’s suite of online apps and platforms. It is my pleasure to announce that we are now ready to start distributing the GCID account credentials, and are eager to guide you step-by-step along the way.

So, and without further ado, I will jump right in to explaining what you need to know about Guerin Catholic Technology going forward via the FAQ type of format shown below. Please read each FAQ carefully, for they explain the overall onboarding plan, as well as how parents can assist their child in accessing a GCID account for the first time.

The Technology Department is so grateful for your patience and flexibility, as we navigate how to virtually distribute student online access during this school closure.

What is the overall plan and schedule for GCID and laptop onboarding for new families?

Due to the current school closure and not knowing when the school will re-open for on-campus technology orientation sessions, the Technology Team is planning the following:

Phase 1 (Mid-May): Provide students access to their GCID.

Phase 2 (Mid to Late May): Provide parents instructions on how to create accounts to “observe” their child’s courses in Canvas, the online course platform used by all teachers.

Phase 3 (Late July to Early August): As in the past, we are still planning to host on-campus orientation sessions for ALL students and parents to provide guidance on laptop configuration and other online platforms student and parents will need throughout the school year. Dates and times are TBD after we gain further insight when the school building will re-open.

How do parents get GCID account information and help their child sign in for the first time?
The Technology Team has made every effort to create a stress-free and effortless process to sign in and setup GCID accounts. A newly created guide entitled “Ready, Tech, Go!” includes easy to follow and interactive instructions that will guide students and parents how to access all main online platforms. Simply stated, just click on the guide link below, follow the interactive instructions, and you will be on your way to using your GCID.

Click here to open the Ready, Tech, Go! guide

For additional support
We welcome all students and parents to connect with our Help Desk whenever they need extra assistance.
The following ways are how you submit a support request.

Email Us:
All families can send and email to and a Tech Team member will respond as quickly as possible.

Setup a time to talk, video conference, or even screenshare?
This option is great for those parents or students that would like a little extra support about laptop setup, account access, or anything else technologically related. Whatever it takes, we are here to help!

Click here to reserve an appointment

As always, If you have any questions or need further explanation, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark Phillips, Director of Technology, at Our team is always here to help in any manner we can.

Class of 2024 Placement Exams

With the school closure, we have had to reschedule the math and world language placement tests. We are currently making plans to make sure the proper precautions are implemented while offering these tests. Our plan is to offer the placement tests on the schedule below.

An Algebra Mastery Exam is required of all incoming freshman students registered for Geometry or Algebra 2 and will be offered on the following dates:
Tuesday, July 7, 9-11 am
Saturday, July 11, 9-11 am
Monday, July 13, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Click here to register for one of the above Algebra Mastery Exams

Optional placement exams for Spanish and French will be offered on the following dates:
Tuesday, July 7, 12-1:30 pm
Saturday, July 11, 12-1:30 pm
Wednesday, July 15, 6:30 – 8 pm

Click here to register for one of the above World Language Placement Exams

Click here for guidelines on attending the placement tests

Sports Physicals for 2020-21

Physicals now Available at St. Francis
Guerin Catholic Team Doctor Dr. Catherine Reese is now accepting patients for $25 athletic physicals at Franciscan Health on North Meridian Street in Carmel.

Click here for the flier with more detailed information.

Sports Registration for 2020-21

2020-21 Sport Participation Requirements
All athletes playing a sport in 2020-21 must have all required paperwork complete prior to any type of participation:

IMPORTANT NEWS: IHSAA Physicals from 2019-20 will be valid for the 2020-21 school year.
The physical should be dated on or after April 1, 2019.

If you do not have a 19-20 physical on file at GC, you must turn in a completed 20-21 IHSAA Physical form.

You must complete GC Sports Registration below.
(Please indicate all sports that your child plans to participate in for 2020-21.)

Click here for the online GC Sports Registration Form

Due to the uncertainty that we are facing at this time, please contact the Guerin Catholic Athletic Directors with questions or concerns.

Mr. Ryan Davis, Director of Athletics

Mr. Alfie Hernandez, Assistant Director of Athletics

Mrs. Debbie Stanisz, Associate Director of Athletics

Fall Official Start Information

Football (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Tom Dilley

Cheerleading (TBA)
Coach Hanna Wroblewski,

Boys Cross Country (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Tom Ohlman
Coach Tom Gallagher

Girls Cross Country (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Andy Cowen
Coach Tom Gallagher

Girls Golf (Friday, July 31st)
Coach Mark Mathews

Boys Soccer (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Chris McGrath

Girls Soccer (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Sean Yau

Boys Tennis (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Chris Sciaudone

Girls Volleyball (Monday, August 3rd)
Coach Hailey Brown

Helpful links:

Math PlacementParent GuideGC-GatewayCalendarGuidance

    Bus ServiceLaptoplandsend

Check out the videos below to see our students in action during the school year!
We look forward to seeing you all on campus this Fall… you ARE the future of GC!


  • First All-School Mass

  • Freshmen Retreat 2019

  • Homecoming 2019

  • Service Day 2019
  • Teacher Spotlight


    Mrs. Shelley Horn

    Teaches: Academic English 11 and Honors English 11
    Years at GC: 14
    Years teaching: I have taught for 24 years. I was a banker/corporate trainer for Old National Bank for seven years before I re-entered teaching in 2004.
    Degrees: Bachelor of Science, Ball State University

    I teach at Guerin Catholic because:
    . . . I allowed the Holy Spirit to bring me here. Through some trials in my life, God showed me that this was where He needed me to land.

    When did you realize you wanted to become a teacher and why?
    From the time I was a small child, I played school. I truly saw my road to teaching when I was a sophomore at Ball State. A life situation and my own junior English teacher provided the inspiration for me to become a teacher.

    Advice to freshman:
    My advice for incoming freshmen is to allow Jesus in your life. This new chapter in life as a high school student will be rewarding and challenging. However, your ability and desire to see and succeed in these times will be less stressful and attainable with Jesus as your co-pilot in life!

  • Program Spotlight


    ECM110 club

    This after school class, which stands for electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering, is instructed by Adam Suchko, president of his business, Engineering Concepts Unlimited. This is an after-school class that meets for 2 hours every week. This no-credit class introduces students to SolidWorks, blueprint parts, binary, flowcharting, state machines, programming, and coding.

    In the programming and coding lessons, students learn about Java, including syntax, variable types, and compiling and running code. Currently, the ECM room houses a student-designed mini “candy factory”, a candy dispenser that shows what the manufacturing process is like. Starburst candies are released from an escapement feed, travel on a short conveyor belt, fall into a sorter that has an arm and a basket, and are randomly sent down 1 of 2 chutes for guests to take. This required students to model all of the parts in SolidWorks, build a frame that let us attach the different parts to it, wire a breadboard, and program our machine by writing code in a state machine.

    ECM is one of many after school opportunities here at Guerin Catholic. Click the link to see our other clubs.