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Welcome to the Guerin Catholic Family!

Check out the videos below to see our students in action during the school year!  
We look forward to seeing you all on campus this Fall… you ARE the future of GC!


  • Open House 2017

  • Freshmen Retreat 2017

  • Christmas 2017
  • Teacher Spotlight


    Mr. Perry Page (aka: P-Squared)

    Teaches: Algebra and Geometry
    Years at GC: 12
    Years teaching: 32
    Degrees: Bachelor’s from Butler University

    I teach at Guerin Catholic because:
    I’ve been blessed by the great God above to allow me to work with others as we strive to discover and carry out His plan for us.

    When did you realize you wanted to become a teacher and why?
    When I was in high school, I really enjoyed school. I decided that I would make that my life’s goal-stay in school!

    Advice to freshman:
    Each day is a present given to us. Open it up with joy even if it’s not the right size or color. You can choose the ‘weather’ of each day-Whether you mope around and waste it away, or choose to be the sunshine that helps brighten the day for those you encounter.

    What’s the best part of your job:
    I love interacting with my fellow staff and student body. The positive energy that I receive makes coming to school a delight-even on Mondays!

  • Program Spotlight


    ECM110 club

    This after school class, which stands for electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering, is instructed by Adam Suchko, president of his business, Engineering Concepts Unlimited. This is an after-school class that meets for 2 hours every week. This no-credit class introduces students to SolidWorks, blueprint parts, binary, flowcharting, state machines, programming, and coding.

    In the programming and coding lessons, students learn about Java, including syntax, variable types, and compiling and running code. Currently, the ECM room houses a student-designed mini “candy factory”, a candy dispenser that shows what the manufacturing process is like. Starburst candies are released from an escapement feed, travel on a short conveyor belt, fall into a sorter that has an arm and a basket, and are randomly sent down 1 of 2 chutes for guests to take. This required students to model all of the parts in SolidWorks, build a frame that let us attach the different parts to it, wire a breadboard, and program our machine by writing code in a state machine.

    ECM is one of many after school opportunities here at Guerin Catholic. Click the link to see our other clubs.