Scholarship Granting Organization

Guerin Catholic has partnered with the Institute for Quality Education (IQE) as our official Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). An SGO is a state-designated 501(c)(3) that provides financial needs-based scholarships to students enrolled in non-public schools. All of the scholarships that are awarded are funded by private donations, and the donor can elect to designate their gift to a certain school.

By giving a gift through IQE and designating it to Guerin Catholic, you will be providing needs-based scholarships to eligible incoming and current GC students that will enable them to experience the unique Guerin Catholic education. As a donor to IQE, not only are you providing much needed scholarships, but you will also qualify for an INDIANA STATE TAX CREDIT of 50%, and the balance is still eligible for a federal tax deduction. This program is not only available to individuals, but to companies as well. SGO-FAQs
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Please consult your tax advisor for your specific situation. This is for illustration purposes only.
Your gift to an SGO is tax deductible to the full extent of the federal charitable tax laws.

In order to receive the 50% State tax credit, your gift must be made to the Institute for Quality Education. Designating your gift to Guerin Catholic ensures your funds will be used to provide scholarships to GC students in financial need.

Here’s how to make your gift, and give students in financial need the opportunity to attend Guerin Catholic:

  • To make a gift by cash or check, please print off the following form and include, by mail, with your contribution: DONOR FORM
  • To make a gift by credit card, Click Here Please select St. Theodore Guerin High School to ensure that Guerin Catholic is the beneficiary of your donation.
  • To make a gift of stock, Click Here Please select St. Theordore Guerin High School to ensure that Guerin Catholic is the beneficiary of your donation. You may also contact the Institute for Quality Education directly at 317-951-8781.

If you have any questions, please contact David Rieck in the Office of Institutional Advancement at (317) 582-0120 x258 or email

*Please contact your tax advisor to discuss your individual tax situation.